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''Until my treatment I hated my teeth. Now, after Tom and his team worked their magic, I'm amazed by how good my teeth look! I absolutely love my new smile - it has given me a great confidence boost. The professionalism and attention to detail has been incredible. Thank you Cassidy Dental.''

''I was very aware that my teeth were not in good condition as I had a lot of work done in the past and also had the misfortune of breaking my two front teeth at an early age. However, with the professional expertise of Tom and his caring dental team, my mouth has been transformed and I can now smile with confidence!''

''After consultation with Tom & Mark at Cassidy Dental, I was offered implants which were two implants supporting a bridge across my front teeth. Tom & Mark were extremely professional and explained all the options and various stages of the procedure very clearly.

Everything went as planned and even a temporary plate didn’t cause much inconvenience and the end result is fantastic. I feel more confident smiling and the conscious thought of controlling my smile has gone.

Thank you so much to the whole team at Cassidy Dental - They truly are Superb!''

''Simply put, I am delighted with my new teeth. They have given me the confidence to open my mouth and really smile. Many people have commented that there is something different about my face and when they ask me, I just smile even more!''