Dental crowns

Realistic, natural, modern crowns

Today's crowns can be extremely similar to your natural teeth. Crowns are usually fitted if you have a tooth that has been damaged by decay or accidental damage, and is not strong enough to support any other type of restoration such as a filling.

They are also often fitted when bridgework is required. Bridges replace missing teeth and may be supported by placing crows on the two neighbouring teeth.

Modern crowns now look and feel similar to natural teeth and no longer have an unsightly black line. Our crowns are made by skilled craftsmen in specially selected dental laboratories, and are precisely matched to the translucency, colour and contours of your other teeth to look completely natural.

Crowns - a simple treatment

Fitting a crown normally needs two visits. On the first visit we clean up the existing tooth and reshape it to receive its crown. At your next visit, the crown is ready for you to check and if everyone is happy with the result, we will cement it in place.

Long lasting crowns

If you treat your new crown like your normal teeth, brushing, flossing and rinsing regularly, it could last you 15 years or more.

If you have an old crown which you are not entirely happy with you’d be surprised at just what a difference a new one could make!

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