Smile makeovers

Sometimes people opt for a completely new look smile. At Cassidy Dental, Magherafelt we take a professional approach to smile design. Creating new smiles is not just about teeth, but a study of lip line, gum tissue, contouring, in fact the whole face has to be taken into account.

We combine clinical skill with the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures with years of expertise and artistic flair to create a smile that fits you.

There are various ways we can help create a beautiful new smile and these might not cost as much as you think:


Bonding is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of improving your smile. It can disguise those small but niggling issues which can make a big difference to your confidence, such as gaps between your teeth and chipped or cracked teeth.

The procedure is very simple and painless and does not involve any drilling to your existing teeth.

Gum contouring

Sometimes teeth can appear too short, or your smile can seem a little "gummy". We can easily solve these issues with gum contouring, which makes the teeth appear longer, with less gum showing. The treatment is completely pain-free with no bleeding.

If your teeth appear too long, we usually have two options, depending on the reasons why they seem too long. If the problem is gum related we can carry out soft tissue grafting to make your gums a little longer, which will make your teeth seem shorter. Alternatively, we may be able to recontour your teeth which makes them appear shorter. This is painless, and we do not go beyond the hard, protective enamel coating of your tooth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers offer another great way of transforming your smile with just one treatment. Read more about dental veneers. 

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